Day: October 31, 2018

Let the Feast of Horror Begin!

It is that time again–the annual Midgardian celebration of costumery and candy extortion.  Sigyn is very excited.  She has been planning for months what she wants to dress up as!

You see, she has been reading a lot of Dumas lately.


This one is her favorite.


For weeks now, it has been nothing but, “Porthos, this,” “Aramis, that,” and “Athos, the other thing.”


It’s all I’ve heard about.  (Don’t even get me started on Dart-whatshisface.)

At any rate, she hasn’t confided in me, but it’s a pretty sure bet that she’s going to turn up dressed as something from the book.  Milady, perhaps, or the Queen, or…


Great Frigga’s corset!  I suppose now there are five Musketeers!  Well done, my love!  You look every inch the perfect cavalier!  And I suppose you’ve been practicing your right-handed swordsmanship so that you can cry, “But what you do not know is that I am left-handed!” in the middle of a fight and switch hands.  Very clever!

But what about me?  What did I decide to be?  I too have been very secretive.  Sigyn is waiting…


I’m about to make my entrance!

I’m sure you can’t guess, so I’ll give you some hints.

It was the most gruesome thing I could think of.

I don’t think anyone has done this costume before  (It’s too hideous!)

Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Send the kiddies out of the room!

Are you holding on to something?









I am the human female!  Pony-tailed Science Nerd and Queen of Everything Boring!  Isn’t it awful?

“Look at me.  I’m the human female.  I have some nasty chemical from the Vendor Who’s Responsible, blah, blah, blah…”


“Look at me.  I’m so important.  I wrote a book.  It’s so BIG.  No one’s read it but don’t you wish you’d written a book?  Nyah, nyah, nyah.”


I’m sure to scare the pants off everyone today!

But where is Fisi?  That stupid hyena was supposed to bring the pillowcase for candy and go with us.


Late as usual.


Let the sanctioned pillaging begin!

>|: [