Day: November 6, 2018

Little Things Mean a Lot—of Mischief

Look at this.

Neat, isn’t it?


Nice and round, with a splendid little hexagonal hole in the middle and some light knurling around the edge.  Appears to be made of out some sort of plastic.

Do you know what it is?

Do you?


Nor I!

Actually, I just found this lying around.  But I can certainly employ it!   I’ve left it in one of the human female’s prep rooms.  She and her techs thought at first that it fell out of/off of one of the dishwashers, but they can’t find any part of either machine that looks like it is missing anything.

It’s not part of a pipette pump.

It’s not obviously an Important Bit of Plumbing.

Not a microscope part.

They’re scared that if they throw it away they’ll suddenly figure out where it goes and it will turn out to have been something that was terrifically expensive in the first place and irreplaceable at any cost now.

So this little piece of plastic is now an Important Thing Which Must Be Kept.

So much anxiety from just one little piece of litter.  That, my friends, is mileage.

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