Day: November 7, 2018

Mischief Update: All In a Day’s Work

So busy!

I woke the human female up early, because both of her Tech II’s were out, which meant she had to do the opening up.

She was really awake once she stepped on all the cat litter the Terror Twins had kicked out of the box.

I started by loosening the cap of the human female’s water bottle in her backpack.  I wanted to make her morning a little more memorable.  With a certainty, she will remember excavating all its contents and spreading them around her office floor with the space heater on low all day.  I don’t know why she’s whining–only one little notebook was ruined.  I mean, it’s not like her phone got wet.  Mostly, because she forgot her phone at home.

She *almost* got all the morning duties done before the first class started.  She was delivering gloves and paper towels at 8:05, but no one threw anything at her.

Her boss was out, so she was holding the fort in the office.

It poured rain a good part of the day–she’s been trying to get out to mow the lawn, because in spots you could hide a jaguar.  I guess ten or twelve inches of rain in a month keeps things a bit on the soggy side.

She was showing the Tech I something in the dishwasher, and she mashed a thumb opening it up.  I don’t know how, but she managed!  She’s a bloody idiot–in all senses of the word!

The Head IT People on campus have decreed that henceforth everyone will have to have something called “dual factor authentication” if they want to use a Virtual Private Network from off campus.  I’ve set things up so the human female can’t set get it working.  The operating system on her phone is too old.  It wouldn’t have done her any good today anyway, as I amused myself by sending every person who tried to connect with dual factor a cute little message saying that A&M was “out of telephony credits.”

And the reverse-osmosis water line in the plant and animal room started disgorging weird white chunks along with the water.

Then there was a professor looking for some graded exams, and the human female couldn’t find them.

Then she broke a fingernail.

And the needlework she ordered in January still hasn’t come.

And that was only Monday…

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