Day: November 8, 2018

Making Do

We’re having a bit of a fruit shortage here.  For some reason, the markets aren’t getting the fall apples.  The humans have visited Large Markets in three different cities, in three different cardinal directions, with nary an Orleans Reinette or Ribston Pippin to be had.  Even this year’s crop of Macintosh apples isn’t very good.

There are grapes, but they’re hideously expensive.  Watermelon is pretty much over.  And alas!  The cherries are long gone.  And one cannot live by pumpkin alone.

And wouldn’t you know?  Sigyn is still in the mood for pulling cherries.  My love, I’ve explained it.  North America’s cherries are gone for the year.  The ones from the other hemisphere won’t be in for a while yet—it’s only just now spring down there!

Still, my sweet, perhaps we can improvise.  You recall that the last time the humans got Chinese take-out, the restaurant turned a deaf ear to their plea not to be given any of those small packets of horrible soy sauce?


As it happens, two of the packets are conjoined at the corner!


You grab that one and I’ll grab this one and…


Obviously, we didn’t think this through.  Not only did they separate evenly, so there’s no clear winner, but ending up with the same number of crummy soy sauce packets as we started with is no sort of victory at all…

>|: [