Day: November 14, 2018

Well, I Could Have Told You *That*

Hmm…  Look, Sigyn! What have we here?


Stray screws are seldom a good thing.   Especially when accompanied by little bits of broken-off plastic.


It would seem  that the human female has a screw loose.

Or two.

I’ve been saying as much for years.

And I think I know where these bits are from.  Come over here and look at the human female’s laptop.


See that right there?  The hinge is breaking!  The cover is coming off the laptop!  It makes horrible little crunchy noises, and the bezel is actually coming away from the screen!   Total laptop failure is surely imminent!

It could be that the thing is five years old.

It could be that the hinge is naturally the weakest part of a laptop.

It could be that the human female uses it all the time.

It could be that the current cat and the previous cat like to help her use it.

Or it could be that, every night after she goes to bed, I open and close it sixty or seventy times, really fast…

>|: [