Day: November 20, 2018

I Was Tricked Into Being Here, Part II: Where the Human Female Shines

I think the human female was a terrier in a former life, and Sigyn is nearly as bad.  They are not content with sorting and counting.  Oh, no!  Not them!

No, they’ve decided that things have to match.  Each family is going to receive two boxes of stuffing, and they’ve decided that the two must be the same kind–chicken, turkey, herb, cornbread, etc.  Moreover, they’ve decided they need to be the same brand as well.

Great idea, ladies.  I shall leave you to it.


(later)  Sigyn says that was fun, like a big matching game.  If you say so, sweetie.  Are we done yet?

By Volstagg’s Groaning Waistcoat Buttons!  Apparently we are not done.  Sigyn and the human female have decided that the desserts have to be sorted out as well.   Each family gets two different ones.

One is a not-a-cake.  Brownies seem to be a popular choice.  All we need to do is count these.


If you stack them by tens, my love, it will go better for you later, I assure you, since the human female can’t count very high.

Ugh!  Not done yet!  Now they want to tackle the is-a-cake table.  They’ve decided that the cake and the frosting have to match.  Chocolate with chocolate, vanilla with vanilla, carrot cake with cream cheese icing, Funfetti with Funfetti.


Strawberry with strawberry.

(later)  I… I think they actually did it.  As long as the frosting towers don’t fall over, they should be all right.

Yawn!  We have been at this for several hours.  Sigyn says we are done for today.

For today?!  Is this not it?

Oh.  Apparently tomorrow is Phase Two, which involves filling bags with the right number of items, tagging them for families, attaching gift cards, sorting them by delivery routes, and then making sure they go where they’re supposed to.  I will let the human female get up early and come back and do that if she chooses, but I think I’ve exhausted all my pitiful store of philanthropy for the week decade, so I will sleep in.

But first—moving and counting and sorting all of this food has given everyone a case of the hungries.  There are snacks at the back of the room.   After staring at so much cake and frosting and brownie mix, I’m hoping there is something gooey, but…


I detect the human female’s handiwork.

>|: [