Day: November 30, 2018

It’s All Gone Belly-Up

It is Lab Practical Week.   The students are studying frantically, trying to recall everything they’ve learned throughout the course of the whole semester so they can get it all down on the exam paper, twenty-five stations per exam, three minutes per station.

If I could bottle panic and sell it, I’d have funds enough to take over two planets.

The human female and her Prep Staff spent a lot of hours setting up each station, carefully positioning the pointers on the microscopes, doing neat dissections, color-coding the chemical experiment stations so the color-blind can answer the questions, and just generally making sure that the students have the best chance to show off what they know.

Which is why it’s so mean  funny that I’ve gone through the rooms and disarranged a few things.

That marvelous mollusk, the chiton, which is so immediately recognizable by its dorsal (top side) plates, becomes an anonymous lump

chiton in jar

When flipped over…

Every semester, the human female rights it.  Every semester, I flip it back.

It’s one of our little traditions.

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