Day: December 10, 2018

Fun At the Convention, Day 2: Have Fun Storming the Castle

We are still at the board-game convention.  I did not know there were this many board games—or this many nerds in the whole of Midgard.  If I could somehow come up with some good “rules of play” for my takeover of this miserable rock, I could recruit the whole hotelful.  Hmm…  Maybe some enchanted dice and some cute meeples…?

In any case, while all the mortals are busy arguing about turn-based stategy games vs. set-building games vs. cooperative games, they are leaving various games and bits of intriguing real estate completely undefended.

Big mistake.

Take this castle, for instance.  Sturdily built and ready to move into.


It even has a moat!

From here, I could survey my realm and work my will.


Of course, I might use my magic to make it a little taller than three inches…

But wait!  I see another keep off in the distance!  Perhaps that one would be better.

It’s certainly taller, and it’s already flying my colors!


Lots of loot lying about, ripe for the taking, and it certainly seems well-defended.

I have put the treasure chests aside for…safekeeping, so now I can really appreciate the view.

What do you think, Sigyn?


Would you like to live here?


Or maybe the footprint is just a tad on the small side…

>|: [