Day: December 11, 2018

We Interrupt Your Gaming Fun For Some Remote Mischief.

While the human male is up here in the Big City to the North having fun at the boardgame convention, the human female is stuck at work.  This is final exam week.  TAs, instructors, professors, and admin (including the human female) are furiously uploading, massaging, and computing grades. Students are frantically trying to upload those last few homework assignments.  EVERYONE is using the online gradebook and course management website.

I can’t let this go unscathed, can I?

No, I can’t!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Pictures WITH words say even more. As proof that I can do mischief remotely, I offer these images of what is going on back in Universityland:

final grades capture

The above was followed fairly swiftly by:


My favorite part is where they suggest no one do any grading..


>|: [

Fun At the Convention, Day 3: Loki, Terror of the High Seas

Both of the castles Sigyn and I looked at yesterday were best approached by sea.  I think a beachfront palace would be great!  Sigyn, let us do some scouting about and see if there’s a seagoing vessel we might…commandeer so that we can come and go as we please.

Ah!  Here is a worthy craft!


The sails are in need of mending, but the paintwork is fresh and bright.  It’s even your favorite color!

Take the helm, my love.  I shall go aloft and see if I can navigate a path out of this crowded harbor.


There certainly are a lot of ships!


A bit to starboard, my sweet!  I think I want to get well clear of the one flying the Jolly Roger!

What’s that my love?  I can’t hear you very well up here!


Oh.  We are flying a Jolly Roger too?

This could work!  Other vessels will steer well clear of us, and if we do run into any others, well, a pirate flag is like a license to pillage, so it’s all good!

Whew!  Safe back on the deck!  Sigyn, you might want to climb up to the crow’s nest yourself–the view is spectacular!


Sigyn says the sea monster on our mains’l looks friendly.


Come on down now, love.  The sea’s getting choppy, and I don’t want you to fall.


PLEASE be careful!!!

Yes, you can stand at the bowsprit–just do please hold on to something!  What if you lost your balance?  What if you fell overboard?!  Do you even know how to swim?


Huh.  Never mind.

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