Day: December 20, 2018

It’s Off to the Yule Market: Dubious Decor and Unlikely Friends

The humans make it an annual Yule tradition to visit a local international market-type emporium.  They usually buy foreign comestibles to send to relatives and to gobble themselves.  (Though the human male is going to find that there is a notable lack of ginger gummy bears this year, and the human female will find on the ingredient list for the stollen she wants something she absolutely cannot eat.)  They’ve also been known to pick up a bauble or toy or two, again for friends, relatives, or themselves.  Note:  This is how clutter happens.

Sigyn and I are tagging along.  I don’t care much for Yule, one way or the other, but Sigyn adores the place and is so darned cute that I have to keep her from being snatched up by some random shopper.  Also, she tends to try to make friends with everyone and frequently becomes trapped in random glassware, so you can see she needs her own personal protection detail.

I see there is no shortage of colorful trinkets this year, along with equally colorful boxes and drawers to put them in.


No, Sigyn, I do NOT think this would make a “cozy vacation cabin.”

Hmm.  Either this is not a faithful replica…


…or the Eiffel Tower is considerably smaller than I have been led to believe.

Oh!  Sigyn has started introducing herself to people.  That didn’t take long.  And she has such a sunny personality that everyone’s immediate response is to either adopt her or offer her a ride.


Case in aureus lepidopteran point.

This pulchritudinous pachyderm is not immune to her charm, either.


But, um, Sigyn?  What is that unicorn doing?


It looks like some woolly variant of the macarena.

Dearest, you know I rarely put my foot down when your friends are concerned but, santa hat or no, this guy is just too sketchy.


You are not inviting him home for cider and cookies.

>|: [