Day: December 26, 2018

She Finally Got Around To It

A very Happy Yule to all my admirers, from the land of opened presents, over-tired mortals, and delicious smells.

I am relieved about the delicious smells.  For the longest time, I thought the human female wasn’t going to do any holiday baking this year.  FINALLY, she got her act together yesterday, at the last damn minute.

She started with the Pistachio Cranberry Shortbread.  Sigyn and I like them because they are festively red and green inside.  The human female likes them because, since the dough does not have any eggs, she can lick the beaters without fear of contracting some vile intestinal upset.  (Which is the very antithesis of festive.)

She doesn’t make these cookies often because A) She is lazy, and B) They contain a shocking amount of butter.  Therefore, Sigyn and I paid close attention, in case we want to whip up a batch of our own sometime.  (And not share.)

The recipe is from an old magazine and is available online.


This is good, because I find writing out recipes to be completely tedious.

The recipe doesn’t make very many, so she made a double batch.  This involved a lot of pistachios.


Or, as Sigyn likes to call them, smish-smashios.  The recipe doesn’t say to cut them up, but the human female says it make shaping the ultimate cookies easier.

Double cranberries came next.


I feel safer when Sigyn is far away from knives.

Behold the shocking amount of butter!  The recipe calls for it to be softened, so my sweetie sat on it for a while to warm it up.


Part of why these cookies are so yummy is that there is a good amount of fresh orange zest in them.


I had to make sure Sigyn minded the micro-plane grater.  It is very sharp!  And a pain to clean.

Sugar, flour, cinnamon, salt, and quite a bit of messy beating, and we had dough!


The best part about this dough is that there are no eggs, so it can be eaten straight from the bowl…

Still, enough dough survived to be formed into logs and chilled overnight.  Then it was a matter of slicing the logs


And baking them until just golden on the bottom.  The red and green insides are quite festive.


After that, she made gingerbread, and then followed it all up with her favorite Yule breakfast treat.



She may be annoying, but the woman can bake.

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