Day: January 2, 2019

It’s All Fun And Games

The human male had such a good time at his boardgaming convention back in November!  It has inspired him to pull out one of his own games, a new one he hasn’t unboxed yet, and give it a go.

Hmm. It has the word “Imperial” in the title.  That is my sort of game.  I like it already!


But that is definitely not me!  I am not that corpulent, and I would never be caught dead with such a mustache.  That’s Fandral’s thing.


Sigyn thinks the “doggie” is cute, though.

The game appears to have quite a number of pieces!  There are several decks’ worth of cards.


As well as some little, oddly-shaped cardboard tiles.   This one has a funny little person on it.


Hmm.  Has more or less the human female’s hairdo.

Sigyn is enthralled by all the little wooden markers, especially the apples.


I’m still trying to figure out what’s on this round bit.  Mutant hedgehog??

And of course, no game is complete without what the human male calls meeples.  Little     people-shaped things.


Great Frigga’s corset!  These are a true and accurate representation of the human female’s physique.  He must have had them custom-made!

Yes indeed, a custom game!  Look–the designer signed the box!


>|: [