Day: January 3, 2019

Sometimes The Packaging Is The Most Fun

The game the human male had yesterday is really quite complex.  It has cards and tokens and meeples and Frigga knows what-all.  Keeping all of the pieces neat and organized is a nightmare.  That’s why the human male ordered the wooden dividers to keep it all tidy.  They came as sheets of laser-cut plywood.  All he had to do was punch them out and assemble them.

The leftovers are funny looking.


Look at all of it, Sigyn!  Want to go play?


The human female says these waste bits are called,“sprue.”


There are pieces big enough to climb on and pieces small  enough to carry.

Look Sigyn!  I made a little gangplank!  We can go and explore.


Careful!  You don’t want to fall–or get splinters.


Oooh!  Look at this bit !  It’s all pointy.  Just a bit of sharpening…


…and it would make a very nice shiv.

>|: [