Day: January 8, 2019

Bet You Thought We Forgot, Part I: Sparklies!

It has been a Yule tradition for Sigyn and me to take a break from all the chaos of cleaning and cooking and gifting and sneak away to look at pretty things in a museum.  It’s our Yule gift to each other.  Usually, the pretty things are glass.  Sigyn loves glass.

We’re sticking with our tradition this year—We’ve just both been a little busy.  But today we are going!

We’re here.

Sigyn, come look at this big bowl!  It is very, very sparkly!


More sparklies over this way.  I’m sensing a theme here.  Instead of all the colored glass usually on display, this time it’s all cut glass and crystal.


Sigyn likes the scallopy edge on that big footed bowl up there.

More scallops:


I’ve been reading the cards and the wall posters.  Apparently every little cut is made individually by a craftsman with a grinding wheel and a steady hand and no hiccups.

The cards tell a little about what the patterns are called.


“Hobstar…”  Hobstar…  Sounds like a heavenly body and not a motif in glass.  “All aboard the rocket!  All aboard!  Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Captain Scorpio Betelgeuse and this is my pilot, the lovely Cassiopeia Jones.  This flight to the Hobstar is going to take about fifty Terran years, so I hope you brought snacks.”


What a lot of work!  This all looks like ice.  Bet with my Frost Giant magic, I could make pieces as beautiful as this.


Though what I’d do with this taco-shaped basket I have no clue.


And I think I would soon grow tired of all this colorless vitreosity.  I’m sure the pieces would be just as nice in color.  Let me magic up a sample.


Of course it’s green, Sweetie.  What did you expect??

>|: [