Day: January 16, 2019

Fun With the Mail, Part II: No, I Can’t Explain It

The human female collects postage stamps.  She especially likes ones with flowers or other plants, and her collection has some birds as well.  Sometimes work colleagues will save stamps for her.  Sigyn likes to help her sort them out.


Look–that bottom one has a bird AND a plant!

Sometimes they give her other pieces of mail that they think she will find amusing.  For example, I suggested to someone that she’d really like this sale flyer postcard that arrived recently.


What a cute Yule card–and what a cute company name!  “Peptides and elephants!”  It’s just charming!

But do you know, the longer I look at it, the less sense it makes.  Look at the elephant’s feet, Sigyn.  I may not be an expert on Proboscidean podiatry, but I’m fairly sure no mammal has more than five toes on any given foot.


There’s at least seven on that right hind, there.

And what about the “decorations” on the tree?  They’re meant to be little microcentrifuge tubes, I’m sure…


But what’s that yellow liquid they’re full of?

Oh.  I think I get it.

There!  I fixed your typo.


>|: [