A World of Untrustworthy Foodstuffs

The International Graduate Students are at it again.  Long-time readers may remember that I wrote about their annual fund-raising food booths several years ago.  (Long time readers may also be as surprised as I am to realize that I have been favoring the world with my thoughts and exploits for five years now.)

The staff of the Biology Department looks forward to this all year because, mostly, the different countries do not make the same thing each time. There is always something different to sample.

I look forward to it as an opportunity to experience the cuisine of all the nations I will one day rule.  Sigyn and I plan nosh our way around the room.

This is plate number one.


Clockwise from Sigyn:  Filipino cassava cake, a delicious pork in adobo sauce, Nepalese veggie patty of some sort with puffed rice and a spicy red sauce, and some little sweet covered with silver leaf that has me quite intrigued…  If I were to go through the line several times (using a different illusion version of myself each time), could I amass enough leaf to be worth it, monetarily?

Plate number two.  


Clockwise from the top, Mexican enchiladas; the Southern U.S. offerings of mac and cheese, twice-baked potato casserole and sweet potato casserole; something with chicken and rice, a tasty little caramel, a Hibiscus cookie; and milk rice with sambal topping.  Interesting.

There’s a little more room left in our tummies, so we are going back for thirds.


The Italian/Mediterranean table had pita chips and caprese bites with mozzarella, little tomatoes, basil, and a balsamic reduction.  There was also a chickpea and feta salad with tomatoes and olives.  Up at the top there you can see the chickpea bread and a rice bread with a green cilantro sauce, all from the Indian booth.  Sigyn is admiring a sweet roll, which came from the Midwestern U.S. booth.  The instructions were to eat it with chili, an idea that I found so preposterous that I refused to comply.  I ate my chili with Fritos, as is only right and proper.

The best thing on offer, in Sigyn’s estimation, is this pudding from Singapore.


It’s made with little tapioca pearls, coconut milk, and palm sugar (the brown stuff.)  It’s delicious!

And someone kindly shared the recipe.  I suspect I will be seeing more of this in my future.

Now I need a nap.

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