Month: January 2019

Fun with Finance

I’ve been a busy little bee.  My followers who read on their phones may need to enlarge the image to fully appreciate the extent of my mischief.


Ehehehehe!  Just when the human female has a shopping list as long as her arm.

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I Had A Visit From My Brother, And It Sucked

I have asked Thor to meet me here today in one of the human female’s prep rooms.  I told him I have something fun to show him.

Here he is now.


“Hail, brother!  It is too long since last we met.  It does my heart full well that you ask for my company!  You are looking well!”

“Uh, yeah.  You too.  Come look at this instrument the humans borrowed.  It has dials and pipes and a fan and all sorts of other bits.”


“Verily, that is a stupendous machine!  My Lady Jane has many devices, but not one of this ilk.  How is it called, and what it its purpose?”

“It’s a vacuum pump.  They are using it to vacuum-filter a large volume of reagent.”

“That is most marvelous.  How does it operate?”

“I’ll show you.  This is where the receiving flask is hooked up.  See?”



“No, look more closely.”

“Aye, Brother.”



“See, Thor?  Just like that.”

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In India, They Just Call It “Food”

The humans are trying a new restaurant tonight.  Well, it isn’t actually new.  It has been here for a number of years.  They just haven’t gotten up off their fundaments to give it a try, despite the fact that they both like Indian cuisine.  Sigyn and I are tagging along.  We haven’t had any good Indian food since London.

You must forgive the photos–the lighting is low and the human female’s phone thinks this is the cue to make everything purple.

The meal is starting in the usual manner, with flat, breaky things.


Sigyn and I are old pros at these.  There should be sauces–

And here they are!  I like the hot one.  Sigyn, of course, is going straight for the sweet one.


The humans have ordered fried pillows.  Why would you do that?


Oh.  I have been informed that these pillows are full of spicy potatoes and peas, and not polyester fiberfill.  The lack of  a “this notice not to be removed except by the consumer” tag should have tipped me off.

The entrees are here.  The female, being both boring and predictable, has ordered chicken tikka.  Woman, you DO know that’s not actually an Indian dish, right?


Perhaps the male will have something a little more interesting.  Ah.  Lamb biryani.  That’s a bit better.  And if you don’t want lamb, Sigyn, you can always fill up on naan.

(later)  We have come to the “steaming towel” portion of the evening.


(poke, poke, poke)  Nice and hot.  All meals should end in this fashion!  When I become sole ruler of Midgard, I shall see that they do!

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Fun With the Mail, Part III: Actual Good Stuff (Sigyn speaks)

Loki doesn’t always mess with the mail.  Like today!  The human female got what she calls a “big squishy.”  (“Little squishies” are generally flatter envelopes.)


This is so exciting!  It could be anything!

(Well, anything vaguely rectangular and squishy, but you know what I mean…)

Here, I will help you open it!


Quilt fabric!  the human female and I LOVE quilt fabric!

She says she doesn’t know what to do with it right now, but I know–


Hug it!  That’s what you do!


Can we make a quilt?  Please?

: )

Fun With the Mail, Part II: No, I Can’t Explain It

The human female collects postage stamps.  She especially likes ones with flowers or other plants, and her collection has some birds as well.  Sometimes work colleagues will save stamps for her.  Sigyn likes to help her sort them out.


Look–that bottom one has a bird AND a plant!

Sometimes they give her other pieces of mail that they think she will find amusing.  For example, I suggested to someone that she’d really like this sale flyer postcard that arrived recently.


What a cute Yule card–and what a cute company name!  “Peptides and elephants!”  It’s just charming!

But do you know, the longer I look at it, the less sense it makes.  Look at the elephant’s feet, Sigyn.  I may not be an expert on Proboscidean podiatry, but I’m fairly sure no mammal has more than five toes on any given foot.


There’s at least seven on that right hind, there.

And what about the “decorations” on the tree?  They’re meant to be little microcentrifuge tubes, I’m sure…


But what’s that yellow liquid they’re full of?

Oh.  I think I get it.

There!  I fixed your typo.


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Fun With the Mail, Part I: It’s The Thought That Counts

So, the humans celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the other day.  That is a beautiful and wondrous thing!   So long as they are married to one another, it means they are “off the market” and NO ONE ELSE HAS TO PUT UP WITH THEM.  Mortals, the rest of the marriage- and dating-age populace thanks you.

I helped the female’s mother pick out a lovely card.

anniv-card - copy

Awww.  Isn’t that sweet?

Uh, oh.

anniv-card2 - copy


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It Wasn’t Me

News item:

Though I wish I’d thought of it.  It would be fun to watch the human female try to get it off the front lawn.

And you know I’d place it with the rump facing the street.

Of course, she’s so weird she’d probably leave it.  But then it would be fun to watch her mow around it…

Missed my chance, didn’t I?

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