Day: February 15, 2019

Previously Uncharted Levels of Mischief, Part II: The Human Female Strikes Back

Sigyn has been mulling over the too-tiny needlework charts the human female is getting from her charting program.


Maybe using a magnifier would help?


I actually like that idea!  It would be beyond annoying.  Looking back and forth between the chart and the fabric would be sure to result in lots of mistakes!  Especially since the idiot woman is planning to stitch the design on black, like the original, which is frustrating and difficult in and of itself.

Norns’ nighties!!  The idiot woman had the bright idea to take the files that make her tiny, pale charts to the local copy shop and have them printed out double-sized on their big engineering printer!


Look at this test page!  It’s huge–and readable!  I can’t have that!  Maybe printing all twenty pages will be prohibitively expensive.  Hope, hope, hope…

Augh!  The human female is smiling!  Sixty-nine cents a page?!  That’s all?


Ooooh, this is a setback, to be sure, but I’m not done fighting yet… In round three, the gloves come off!

>|: [