I Know How to Hit Her Where It Hurts

I have written here before about the human female’s big, stupid embroidery project, how she took a couple of years to chart out this rug…


..stitch by stitch so she could do it in cross-stitch.

You may recall that I’ve thwarted her every effort.  I made the charting software not run properly on her new computer.  I made it beyond difficult to get the program to spit out a readable chart.  Or a readable key.  I hid a few of the skeins of thread she needed.  I turned her chart-marking highlighters into “gel” highlighters, which are like smelly crayons.  In short, I’ve worked to deprive her of any and all enjoyment of this project.

She thinks she finally has me licked.  She remembered to wash the embroidery fabric so it won’t run.  She figured out work-arounds for the chart and key issues.  She found other highlighters.  She assembled all the one hundred and ninety-eight colors of thread.

rugstitch-4 - Copy

With which Sigyn is more than a little enamored.

She has located the center of the design.  She has figured out how to see the holes on this black fabric and taken her first few tiny stitches.

rugstitch-1 - Copy

Nooo!  I can’t have her actually enjoying the fruits of her labors!  I know!   I’ll distract her so she has to pick out a dozen stitches.  Boom!  Done.

And here we are.  Sigyn is checking the work.  Do we have good thread coverage?

rugstitch-2 - Copy

Are the colors pleasing?  Are the stitches tight enough?  Too tight?

Everything good? Yes?  Spendid!  That will make it much more dramatic when I give the human female a sore shoulder and arm and a recurrence of her chronic illness.  She’s had to put it aside.

Face it, female. This is as far as you’re going to get for a while.

rugstitch-3 - Copy

Enjoy your eighty mocking little stitches.

>|: [

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