Day: March 12, 2019

A Mini-safari, Part I: Pinchy Pinchy

The portion of of the semester in which the human female’s biology students study various invertebrates has arrived.  Sigyn has expressed interest in the spineless and a desire to meet the local Ecdysozoans.  I could do with an expedition myself, so here we are, down the hall, in the famous Room 302, which is famous for its squiggly, molting inhabitants.  It’s been a while since we’ve visited.

We are commencing our study with the creatures nearest the door.

Look, Sigyn!  Do you see it?


The refractive and distorting optical properties of water make this mini-Leviathan difficult to discern, but I assure you that a fearsome crayfish, possessed of wicked claws and the ability to scuttle swiftly backwards dwells here!


You can look, Sigyn, but don’t touch!


The human female says they don’t have names.  That’s unconscionable!  Such noble creatures need names!  I shall call this one… Etouffee.

Fandral’s mustache!  Wait just a moment! Not only have the humans not bestowed fittinng monikers upon these beasts, they have not even bothered to associate the correct enclosures with the proper labels!  See?  The colorless enclosure is next to the “gray tank” label.  The tank with the gray lid lies behind the “purple tank” label–and the orange-lidded tank has been paired with the “blue tank” label!


Half-witted morons!  They do not deserve to have such mighty creatures, and I am seriously rethinking my estimates of human intelligence.  How did they ever come to be the dominant species on the planet?  I mean–

Oh.  I take part of that back.  Looks like they have named this one…


Nope.  Still stupid.

>|: [