Day: March 15, 2019

A Mini-Safari, Part IV: Jars of Tiny Terrors

We’re still exploring Room 302. We have bid farewell to the arthropodial denizens of the main shelving unit, traversed the Fern Jungle in the center of the room, and fetched up in the corner where the human female and her staff keep all of the tinier invertebrates.  If you’re looking for flatworms or vinegar eels, this is the right neighborhood.

Today, however, what’s here is a collection of those voracious miniature Cnidarians known as Hydra.  Small they are, but mighty, with their waving tentacles and terrifying habit of ripping themselves a new mouth each time they consume something.

I know I’ve been talking about stuffing creatures into the human female’s shoes and salads and whatnots, but this really does give me an idea…


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