Mischief Proceeding at a Pretty Good Clip

Well, that visit to the cast iron toy exhibit was six kinds of traumatic.  In the end, Sigyn befriended the bear and did not need rescuing, but I did have duck-and-pineapple nightmares last night.  I need some really good mischief to feel more myself.

I think I’ll start with something small but quite annoying.  The kitchen is a good place to look for trouble.

I know!  The humans are always looking for clips to hold shut bags of chips, cereal, cookies, and other assorted carbohydrates.  I have become quite adept at breaking them.


broken clip 2


broken clip1

That used to be one of their favorites.  It came from a scientific products show and was very good at gripping.  But without the little piece I’m holding, it’ll never grip anything again.  Time to kick this little piece under the fridge.

Aaaand just for fun, I will knock the clip’s twin brother off the freezer door so that it breaks too!

I think I can get the metal bits loose as well.  kick, kick, kick

broken clip 3

And just so the human female doesn’t get any ideas about combining the pieces and trying to resurrect one functional clip, I think I’ll take the little metal posts.

broken clip 4

I’ve been looking for a new quarterstaff…

Hmm… If I recall correctly, the human female has another clip just like this on her desk at at work.

I think I shall go for what sport-minded Midgardians term a “hat trick”…

>|: [

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