If You Want Something Done Right, You Have to Do It Yourself

As much as it pains to me admit to any failing, I have to admit that I have fallen a bit behind in my plans for world conquest.  More specifically, I have not yet built my Fortress Supreme, my Glorious Capitol, my Magical Hidey-hole.

I think perhaps part of the problem is that I have been looking at photos and making drawings, fiddling with floor plans and trying to work it all out on paper.  It’s hard to get a real feel for a  magnificent edifice when working in only two dimensions.  I need some heft!

Which is why I am quite gratified that one of the human male’s new games involves the construction of mighty buildings.  Surely with the playing pieces in hand I will come up with some concrete, achievable ideas. (Ehehehehe!  “Concrete”!  See what I did there?  Just kidding.  Stone is totally the way to go.  Stone and stained glass.  Stone and stained glass and plenty of glittering gilding everywhere.  Plus a magnificent garden, a room for a zoological collection of monsters, and enough space for the pony which I promised Sigyn.)

The pieces for the game are fairly detailed.


They are built for stacking, three stories to a piece.  They’re all roughly cubic, so a curvilinear design is right out, but it is still better than a flat sketch.


There are no pieces of a good, godly green, so I will have to make do with the yellow, orangey, teal, and blue ones.


I don’t want to say anything, but the multi-hued monstrosity that Sigyn is building is quite gaudy.


Sadly, even with a somber gray cap, it is still an eyesore.  Oh, very well.  Perhaps it is “short and cute,”  much like its builder.  But it lacks a certain gravitas.


For real dignity, tall and monochromatic is definitely the way to go.

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