Day: April 10, 2019

I Made Art

All of this talk of carpentry and construction has made me want to be a little creative myself.  I think that today I shall dabble in modern, avant garde sculpture.  Using found objects is very “in” these days, so I shall poke around and see what’s to hand in the human female’s workplace.

Hmm.  There are the usual beakers and dissection specimens, nitrile gloves and various bits of apparatus.

The Anatomy and Physiology students are doing a unit on cardiopulmonary physiology this week, and this tub of spirometer parts gives me an idea.


A dastardly, brilliant idea.

The Anatomy and Physiology tech has brought the human female and her Intro Bio techs two large bags full of mouthparts for autoclaving, so….


Look, Sigyn!  I made sure their biohazard bags were not autoclavable and BEHOLD!!


I call it “Two Bags’-worth of Mouthpieces Covered In Slag”  As with many works of art, the true genius is in the details.  The bag plastic has completely adhered to the neoprene mouthpieces.  Look how it catches the light!  It’s a not-so-subtle statement about finding beauty in the ruined and about society’s dependency on plastics and other man-made substances which will ultimately betray us, choking off the very air we breathe.

And like all the best art, it’s participatory.  Ehehehehehe!  It is going to take the human female and two of her techs about two hours to pick all the little bits of melted plastic off the mouthpieces—which aren’t event theirs.

Great Frigga’s Corset!  They’ve broken out the acetone to help loosen the plastic!  Sigyn it is time for us to be elsewhere!

(still later)  The best part of this bit of mischief?  A & P ultimately decided to THROW AWAY all the mouthparts!

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