Day: April 18, 2019

In Search of the Perfect Posies

In the end, we left the international market yesterday with nothing more than the human male’s ginger bears.  Sigyn really is looking forward to the Eater Bunny festival, though, so I thought I would get her a little present.

Flowers seem to be associated with the Eater Bunny, and Sigyn likes flowers, so I’m off to the floral area of the local farmer’s market.  I just hope they have something worthy of her.


Ah, I see Mistress Mus is here today.  She usually has a nice selection.


Good morning, Mistress Mus.  I’m in search of something special for my Sigyn today.

“How about a dozen princess-pink roses?  You can never go wrong with roses.”


No, thank you.  Roses are so prosaic .  Anyone can give roses.  I need something a bit more unusual.

“Well, have a look around, dear.  Just give a shout if you need help.”


Hmm.  A dried arrangement is a little unusual–and definitely low-maintenance!  But do I really want to convey the message that DEAD STUFF would send?


Not to mention that this arrangement seems a little top-heavy.


Perhaps something in a potted plant?

This geranium isn’t bad…


It has the bonus that the human female is allergic to the smell of geranium leaves.  But geraniums are still more than a little pedestrian.  I shall keep looking.

This hibiscus might do.  They make good container plants and will live for years if you’re willing to bring them in when it freezes.


But pale purple is such a blah color.  And this is a very boring pot.  Surely there’s something here that will be perfect for my sweetie?

What are those over there?

(to be continued…)

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