Day: April 24, 2019

Not All Bunnies and Flowers, Part I: Taste the Rainbow

I hope you enjoyed my beloved’s tale of how she spent her Eater Bunny holiday.  I just want you to know, though, that it wasn’t all bunnies and flowers around here.  There was also a great deal of cookery.

The human female got it into her little pin-head that she was going to make cookies for the celebration.  She doesn’t make cookies very often, but when she does, she tends to go to extremes–very spiced, very abundant, or–as in this case–very colorful.  (I will never understand the Midgardian fascination with producing comestibles in colors not found in nature.)

She had to make the colored sugar herself.  Sigyn thought this part was great fun.  It involved a collection of old spice jars, some food coloring, a quantity of plain white sugar, and some VigOroUs sHakInG.

They made pink first.


What a ghastly hue!

Yellow was next.


Not likely to show up well on cookies, but whatever.

I was highly dubious about the wisdom of using this particular jar to make colored sugar in.


Didn’t bode well for the eventual cookies…  Still, I was glad they made my favorite color.

It goes without saying that I made sure the human female ended up with colored fingers.

They made blue next.


This was getting out of hand!  How many colors of sugar does one person need, anyway?

They even made purplish sugar!  At this point, I wasn’t sure how far they were going to take this nonsense.


But that was apparently the stopping point.  A whole rainbow of multihued, sprinkly goodness.

A lot of colorful mucking about in the kitchen, to be sure.  We hadn’t, though, at this point made any actual cookies.  That came later.

To be continued…

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