Day: May 10, 2019

A Very Long Game of Hide and Seek

I may or may not have mentioned in one of my mischief updates that the gormless human female has lost not one but TWO University ID cards this semester.  I love when that happens, because a) going to get a new one is humiliating, since the card-giver-outers sit behind a tall bench on a raised dais and the card-seekers have to grovel below, peering up at them in abject supplication, and b) the human female feels like an idiot when she loses something.  I mean, she is an idiot, but it’s always fun to see her looking more than normally foolish.

So sometimes I “help” her “lose” things.

At any rate, one of her coworkers has discovered where I had hidden one of them.

found id

How did it end up here?  That is a very good question!

Back near the beginning of the semester, the human female was packing up plastic bags of cotton balls, one for each lab section.  When she was done, she gathered up all the remaining large bags (several thousand each) and replaced them in their cabinet down in room 303, the one full of cotton rolls, string, and such-like.

Guess she didn’t notice what else she’d picked up and stuffed away…

So congratulations, minion, you found missing card number one!  It only took four months.  The clock is still ticking on the second one…  Happy hunting!

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