Day: June 27, 2019

It Wasn’t Me, But I’ll Have to Remember That Google Could Be a Good Ally

I wish–Oh, how I wish!–I could get the human female involved in something like this:

That is some first-class mischief right there!

Actually, come to think of it, the human female drives so slowly down country roads in the spring, gawking at all the wildflowers, that often traffic *does* tend to pile up behind her.  If I tweak Google to recommend whatever route she’s taking to a bunch of other drivers as a speedy detour, the results could be record-setting.

Speaking of records, this is my 1,700th post.  Time flies when you’re creating mayhem!

>|: [


We’re still at the restaurant.  The human female and her fellow diners have emptied enough of the tiny plates and shoved them down the slot by the table that a prize ball is on the way.  I’ll distract everyone by knocking over someone’s water, magic the ball away into a pocket dimension, and retrieve it later to open when Sigyn and I are by ourselves.


And here we are!  The last one was solid orange. This one is bicolored.  What do you think is in there, Sigyn?


???  It’s a plastic bag and a folded up piece of paper.


The bag is full of little black and orange bits.  I can’t imagine what this is supposed to be.


It looks a little Halloweeny.

Oh, I get it now!  It’s something we have to buildItty bitty pieces-parts that assemble to make something.


But what is this supposed to make?  How are we supposed to know how to progress?  Maybe the paper has more information…


Ah.  Step-by step instructions!  With diagrams, even.   I’m brilliant; I can follow directions—this will be a snap!  (Literally!)


There! That’s the first two black layers built.   Sigyn, you do the orange ones.  They’re clear, which is kind of neat.


Odin’s eyepatch!   What are we supposed to do with all the leftover bits?


Perhaps we put something together incorrectly?


Oh.  See the small print?  It says it includes extra pieces, so we are all right.  We made it correctly.  But what IS it?

Sigyn has figured it out–it’s SUSHI!   Enormous, plastic, inedible sushi.  I think it is supposed to be salmon roe or something, and the black is the seaweed wrapper.  There’s even a little plate on the back of the paper for displaying our masterpiece.


Hmm.  I wonder if we shoved this paper plate down the slot in the restaurant—would it count toward the next prize ball?

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