Day: July 3, 2019

Revenge of the Flora, Part 3

I’d like you to meet my associate, Mr. Smiley Sunflower.

12-meeting sunflower

“Um, hi?  My name is Sigyn, and this is Muffy.


“Uh… Those are nice sneakers?”


“How do you keep those gloves so white?”

“Don’t expect him to answer.  Mr. Smiley Sunflower may look jolly, but I assure you, he is far from harmless, and not one for idle chit-chat.”

13-another flower

“And this is Red Daisy

“Hi.  I’m Sigyn.”

“And I’m Muffy.  Look, it’s nice to make your acquaintances, and all that, but we really do need to be going.  We have errands to run, and I need to be back at The Sugar Dojo before 3:00.  I have a Frosting Jiu Jitsu class to teach.”

14-fourth flower

“Hello, little ones.  I am White Daisy.  It’s a pity, but you’ll be missing that class today, and there will be no running of errands.”

“Sigyn, I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to have a bad feeling about this.”

15-things start to not go well

“So if you two will just come along with us, no one will get hurt.”


(to be continued…)