Revenge of the Flora, Part 4



“Maybe if we just back away slowly…”

16-backing up

“…and turn…”

“I don’t know where you think you’re going, ladies…”


“But there really is no escape.  We have you surrounded.”


“Yeah.  There are people you need to meet.”

“This is Bananabear”


“And this tall fellow is Mr. Celery.”

“But…but you’re…fruits… and veggies.”


“That’s right little girl, and ya better do what Mr. Celery says, or the gloves come off.”


“Whadda ya wanna do with ’em, Celery?”

21-what are we going to do with them

“The Big Boss wants to see them.”

“Right this way then, ladies.  It don’t do ta keep the Big Boss waitin‘.

(to be continued…)

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