Day: July 9, 2019

Revenge of the Flora, Part 7

“All right, I may not be able to take on all of you, but I bet I can make a Muffy-sized dent in your evil operation.  Come on, you twisted Veggie Tales wannabes, show me what you’ve got.”




“She slices, she dices—and Mr. Tall, Green, and Walleyed is down for the count!”

30-muffy strikesback1

“What the—?  How can you—?!  You’re so tiny!”

“News for you, Corn Pops, it’s a-maize-ing what you can do when you understand about balance and agility and how to use someone’s size against them.”


“Know what?  You would look better on the ground, next to your buddy.”

31-muffystrikes back2

“And stay down!”



(to be continued…)