Day: July 19, 2019

Revenge of the Flora, Part 15

“Avengers and allies, report!”

“I’ve finally got Rosebear down for the count, but I think someone needs to check on Hawkeye.”

“And I’ve got the uh, is it celery?  The celery all wrapped up.”


“If anyone wishes to make banana bread, I believe we have the ingredients.”

“And this broccoli will never trouble anyone again.”


“The sun’s gettin’ real low.”


“I… I think we won!  Good work, team!”

72-i think we won

“Hulk?  Hulk?  Hey, buddy, you can stand down now.  Let Bruce out to play.”

“Hulk smash!”



“I’m gettin’ out of here!  This is gonna be messy!


(to be continued…)