Day: August 9, 2019

More Mischief is Always Better. Part II: An Excess of Philanthropy

After I set up Arnold’s monkey with the human female’s social security number, I sat down and had a good, long “think” about what I’d done.

And, folks, I wasn’t pleased.

I mean, I’d used her SSN to give a documented identity to someone who was already pretty well off.  Granted, Remus is paid peanuts–literally–but he’s got a cushy gig working in Arnold’s lab.  Why, I asked myself, hadn’t I taken the opportunity to create a fake identity for someone less fortunate?  Someone who could really benefit from documentation?

So meet Luis.


Luis is overjoyed to no longer be an undocumented construction worker.  Congratulations, Luis!

And here are Paul, Ali, and Piotr:


Welcome to the workforce, fellas!

And there’s still more of the human female’s identity to spread around.

Here you go, Manuela, Young Hee.


Go, all of you, and be brick-layers or nannies or hairdressers or astronauts or whatever!  I don’t care, as long as you do the human female out of her next federal income tax return and snarl up any retirement benefits she may ever have.


Augh! Manuela!  No hugs!  NO HUGS!

>|: [