Day: September 9, 2019

Oh, If Only I *Could* Get Away

Sigyn and I are having a little getaway in the Big City to the South.  Unfortunately, this is not going to be anything like a vacation, mini or otherwise, because the humans are with us–and two of their friends as well.  Look, people, you are what I want to get away FROM. But still, the human male is driving, which means I don’t have to worry about Big City traffic, which is fine by me.

Wait!  Stop!  I cry foul!  No one told me that one of our stops was going to be a religious articles store.  Sweet glittering bifrost!  By the looks of this place, a Norse Deity is not going to be very welcome AT ALL.

Sigyn wants to look around, though, and I can deny her nothing.  Poke about all you want, sweetie.  I’ll just be over here, not touching anything.

Oh, it looks like she’s found a book just her size.

saccos-prayer book

Augh!  I can’t look!  No!  Please!  Buy it if you must, but don’t read it aloud–I beg you!

If I put my fingers in my ears close my eyes and say my own prayer, maybe it will be all right.

Heilla Loki! Blóðkonur Óðins. Sonur Farbauti og Laufey. Faðir Fenriswolf, og Jormungand. Félagi og borðfélagi Óðins og Æsis. Þjófur Brisingamen og epli Idunnar. Ættingi Sleipnis. Eiginmaður Sigyns. Óvinur guða. Hárið á Sif. Framleiðandi ógæfu. Fávíslegur guð. Ákærandi og tíkari guðanna. Stuðningsmaður dauða Balder! Hrósaðu réttmætum konungi í Ásgarði og höfðingja Midgarðs! Megi hjálmur þinn alltaf glitra og hornin þín eru áberandi.

Is she done yet?

>|: [