Day: September 16, 2019

I Do Love a Good Mystery Box

Mysterious parcels are the norm around here.  I mean, even when the human female orders something, there’s always the suspense of When is it going to come?  Will it be in one piece when it gets here?  What sort of bizarre packing materials are going to be included?  Will anything be…leaking?

Sometimes, it’s not anything the human female ordered. She got an email the other day, from someone in the Pathobiology Department, saying that she had a box of prepared microscope slides that belonged to the human female’s Intro Bio program.  No idea why they ended up outside the department.  The sender described some of the labels on the box, and they sounded like Bio slides, all right, so the human female said, “Sure–bring them on over.”

And here is the box:

mystery slides

It’s a whole big carton!  With multiple big slide boxes inside. The human female was thinking it was just one of the little boxes that hold about 30 slides.  The box says “Biology”, and the paper label does too.  Curiouser and curiouser.

Let’s look inside.

mystery slides2

Those topics sure look like one of the Intro to Microscopy labs.  Students look at some microbes and some different colored, criss-crossed silk threads (to practice depth of field), along with a letter “E” to see that things are upside down in the eyepiece.

But hold on!  By Idunn’s Little Apples!  The slides themselves do not correspond at all to the label inside the cover!

mysteryslides 3

Schistosoma…  Schistosoma…  Isn’t that a particularly nasty sort of blood fluke?  Certainly not anything from an Intro Bio microscope lesson!

The rest of the boxes in the carton have Bio markings too, but ALL the boxes are full of nasty parasites!  Tapeworms feature prominently.

Whose are they?  Where did they come from?  Why are they in Intro Bio boxes?  I may know, but I’m not telling!

But now the human female has more creepy slides than she ever, ever wanted, and definitely enough to ruin any lunch Sigyn was thinking of having.

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