I Love Planning Surprises

I’m still fuming that the human female did an end-run around my carboy mischief. I need to think quickly and come up with some other mischief before my credibility is ruined.

Hmmm. Got it!

I’ve written before about the human female’s dabbling with DNA and electricity. I learned the other day that she calls it “electrophoresis”. There is a lot of electrophoresis equipment round and about here. hings to collect the DNA in, gadgets to multiply the DNA, machines to spin the DNA down (like that giant centrifuge), rigs for separating the DNA into bits on a gel, and special light boxes for viewing the split-up DNA, camera rigs for photographing the gels, and so on and so on.

Well, apparently not only are the special light boxes old, they also put out a LOT of UV light. They call it UV light because if you hang over the box examining your gel, the light will give you face cancer and then you’ll have an Ugly Visage. (Or in the human female’s case, Uglier Visage.) The cameras on the light boxes are also old, hard to focus, and great eaters of batteries.

A while back, the human female was pondering this setup and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be easier if someone invented a system where a person could just capture a gel photo with their phone, since all the phones these days have cameras that work better anyway?” She did a little online searching and discovered that indeed, someone has invented such a thing. One phone call to the manufacturer resulted in a representative from They Had One Mission And Stumbled (who distributes this product in this part of Midgard) coming out with a unit to do a demonstration.

So the human female and her minions all spit in little tubes, the DNA was multiplied and sorted out on a gel, and the new machine was put through its paces. The human female and her staff were thrilled. The little dock for a smart phone worked perfectly and the photos were dubbed “magnificent.” The best part: no more Ugly Visage light–it just uses Sirius-level amounts of blue light and a special orange filter to make the DNA visibile.

And so the human female ordered. She and the minions have been waiting with barely concealed impatience.

And it has arrived! Come, Sigyn, let us witness the unboxing.  I’ve planned a little surprise, and I want to see how the human female likes it.

transilluminator box

Well, there appears to be a surfeit of bubble-wrap.  Being broken is not the surprise.

And here’s the enclosure-thingy that keeps the blue light in and the room light out.  So far, so good.

transilluminator 2

Pop! Pop! Pop-pop-pop! Popopopopopop!

transilluminator 3

And here’s the illuminator unit itself.  Very nice, flat, and compact.  The human female is pleased.

She is less pleased that the orange filter does not seem to be included in the box, nor the little orange filter window for the very tip top of the machine.

transilluminator 4


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