Day: October 4, 2019

Ahhh. Nothing Like a Nice, Refreshing Beverage

All of this mischief has made me thirsty. And it’s been so hot lately!  Everyone seems to be in search of something cool to drink, and everyone has a preference.  Thor favors Midgardian small-batch artisanal beers.  (Of course, he is capable of drinking the entirety of a small batch all by himself.)  Iron Man is a coffee-in-the-morning- single-malt-whisky-in-the-evening sort of fellow, while Mr. Goody-goody, Captain America can usually be found drinking milk right out of the carton.  Sigyn’s friend Muffy likes catnip tea.

The local mechanically inclined procyanid has a favorite beverage as well.


Natasha, the Black Widow, can drink anyone under the table if the drink is Russian vodka, Hawkeye drinks Mountain Dew with his Doritos, Yelp the yeti’s refreshment of choice is iced mocha, Spiderman is a Pepsi fiend, Bucky has somehow developed a taste for Japanese plum wine, Bruce Banner goes through gallons of green and herbal teas, and Benno the idiot clown favors homemade lemonade—but someone has to make it for him because whole citrus fruit freaks him out.

The human male goes through orange juice faster than anyone I know. My beloved and the human female are partial to this delicate draught flavored with elderflowers and imported from Britain.


I asked Sigyn what makes it so special. “It tastes like summer!” she says. I’ll take her word for it. It’s terribly difficult to find locally, and they hoard bottles and drink it in little sips, trying to make it last but balancing that against its tendency to go flat once opened.

Myself, I’m a big root beer fan.  I know! Root beer!  It tastes best ice cold, in a frosted mug. Such an old-fashioned drink, exceptionally plebeian, not something you’d associate with a future ruler of Midgard. (What can I say?  I like the taste.  There’s nothing like it in any other of the nine realms.)  You’ll never see me in the market buying any, though.


No.  I prefer to magic it right out of completely sealed bottles, leaving the empties in harness on the store shelves.

Ahhhhh. That really hits the spot.

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