Day: October 28, 2019

Odin’s Eyepatch! Is It That Time Again Already?!

Time flies when you’re making mischief and causing havoc.  It seems as if it were only yesterday that Sigyn and I were dressing up and shaking down the local populace for confectionery in a socially accepted manner.

There’s a tremendous amount of build-up to this Midgardian holiday.  Each year, the decorations seem to pop up earlier and earlier, like creepy, black and orange toadstools after a rain. Case in point:  Sigyn and I are at the local Red Bullseye Market today and All Hallows seems to have vomited all over the place.  Just look at all of this pseudo-spooky tat!

Some of the offerings are simply autumnal.  Behold this smug vulpine smirk!


How can you tell it’s a fall decoration?  Easy.  His bow tie is gold.  If it were pink, it would be Valentine’s Day, and if it were Yule, it would be red and green.

I don’t trust him.

Sigyn has found a whole sackful of cucurbitaceous erasers.  What are you going to do with them all, my love?


I don’t suppose I could convince you to make a most rubbery pumpkin tart for the human female…?

Truly, the seasonal gourdage is getting out of hand.  Of the ones displayed, only the butternut squash Sigyn’s standing next to looks even remotely real.


The blue woolly ones look as if they’ve been sitting on the porch since last All Hallows.

This one is hollow and large enough that Sigyn can play, “Peter, Peter” with it.


Very well, my love, if you are picking out a little hidey-hole, I will do so also!


It’s largely green, a color of which I approve, but it’s too determinedly cheerful to really suit me.  I’m also sure that if I stayed in here I’d have a nightmare that this grinning harridan would close her mouth and swallow.  No thank you!

Ah.  Here’s a little cabana Sigyn and I could share.  Sigyn says the inscription is meant to encourage small tots who traipse about suggesting that a handout of sweets will save the populace from mayhem.


Lest the message up there be misinterpreted, I’m keeping a sharp lookout, just in case any passing storks start getting ideas about potential progeny… I would not make a good parental figure.

These, now!  These would look right at home in the yard.  The human female has one just like this, only it’s forty feet tall and looms over the dining room.


The price is most reasonable.  Let us purchase a few, my dearest, and distribute them around the inside of the house, so that there is a harmonious continuity between inside and out and the human female feels bad-botanist’s remorse every time her eyes fall upon one!  Now that would be an enjoyable way to spend the holiday!

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