Day: October 29, 2019

Strange Fruit

We had a nice cold front come through last night, so now it really does feel like fall.  All commercial over-hype aside, I will admit to being a *little* ready for All Hallows.  It’s always fun to see if the human female is going to dress up and try to be uglier than she already is.  I mean, there’s only so much makeup can do!  And if she chooses a costume that hides her physiognomy, so much the better.

Yes, I feel I can welcome the festivities with equanimity.  See, it’s another pumpkin and I don’t even feel stabby, and–


Sleipnir’s Fetlocks!  What in all the Nine Realms is that!?


It’s too small to be the human female trying on her costume!  But did you ever see such an unlovely face?!

Don’t worry Sigyn–I’m ready and the instant it does more than stare, I will blast it into pie filling!


Faugh!  Foul Fiend of the Field.   Begone!  Return to your accursed pumpkin patch or I will carve you an even uglier face!


Um.  Or I guess you and Sigyn could make friends.


That…  That works too.

I end up with more weird acquaintances this way…

>|: [