Day: October 30, 2019

The Earbone’s Connected to the Snoutbone

Sigyn and I have tagged along on one of the humans’ market runs.  Sigyn has heard that there is one supremely spooky aisle there right now.  Muffy mentioned it, and Sigyn wants to go see if it’s a scary as it’s reported to be.  Never fear, my love!  I shall be beside you!

Oh, this isn’t too bad!  It’s just a little frog.   What do you think, Sigyn?  Does he need to follow us home?  Look at the price tag. It’s not even like he’s expensive!  We could buy him and put him somewhere for the human female to find.

Sigyn says there’s something “off” about him, though…  What do you mean?  I see a skull and leg bones and toe bones and ribs, and—-  Oh.

frog skeleton

I see what you mean.  There IS something creepy going on here.   Let’s not bring this critter home.

What about the pig?  He seems pretty tame, Sigyn.  But let’s see–how scientifically accurate is he?

pig skeleton

Good grief!  Ear bones and snout bones?  Clearly, someone slept through Biology class!

Oh, now they’re not even trying.

unicorn skeleton

A spider skeleton?!  Enough!  I can’t look!

spider skeleton

None of these are scary at all; they’re just pathetic!  No, Sigyn, not even if you pretend it’s trying to eat you.

scorpion skeleton

This is all so grossly inaccurate that I have trouble taking any of it seriously.

Nope, still not scary.  Yes, it has big teeth, but it also has ears, so it’s just ridiculous.

wolf skeleton

Besides, I can hear you giggling.

No.  Not a bit of this display is frightening.  The fact that somewhere, there are sad individuals sitting in factories making these abominations, now THAT is scary.  And that people are spending good money on them—that is going to keep me up at night.  I plan to take over this realm, and it terrifies me to think that so many of my subjects are so stupid!  I can see that I will have some serious culling to do once I ascend the throne.

Oh, this all gets me so riled up!  Come on, Sigyn, let’s go over one aisle and soothe ourselves by reminding ourselves about the true meaning of this upcoming holiday.

sigyn candyloki candy

>|: [