Day: October 31, 2019

The Big Reveal

Ugh.  I hate this particular part of the All Hallows festivities in particular.  Every year, it’s the same thing.  “Let’s dress up!” Sigyn says.  “It’ll be fun!” Sigyn says.  And it’s always the same.  She looks amazing and adorable in whatever she picks—and I just end up in something dorky.

And it usually itches.

So why do I do it?  Simple.  I do it to make this precious flower happy:


Sigyn originally thought she wanted to be a ballerina this year, so she made herself a yellow tutu.  But when she put it on, she looked so much like a flower that she decided that’s what she is.

See?  Helenium:

Image result for helenium



It’s uncanny.

“Loki!  Come out and show everyone your costume!”

wheres loki

No!  I’m not coming out.  I look stupid.  And itchy.”

“Don’t be silly!  You look great!

“I don’t want to.”

im not coming out

“When you told me you’d found me a wizard costume, I thought it would be something awe-inspiring and slightly terrifying, not something that looks like glorified pajamas.”

this is stupid

“Don’t be so grumpy, Loki!  I think you look magnificent.”

no you look great

The things I do for love.

ill go but i wont like it

“Where are you going, Sigyn?”

“I’m off to get something to collect our candy in.  We used a pillowcase last year, but this year I have a better idea.”

better than pillow case


sigyn has a barrow

>|: [

: )