Loki Giveth and Loki Taketh Away

Hmm. Time for a little mischief.  Let’s see… how I can waste the human female’s time today?   I know!  I can use her own warped sense of right and wrong against her.

Bing!  Someone just delivered over here a nice big box that came in at the stockroom.  A package!  Packages are always fun.

The human female is excited, because she doesn’t remember ordering anything this big.  She’s expecting a few things, but they’re all small stuff.  Whatever can it be??

Ehehehehe!  Open it and find out!

Microcentrifuge tubes!


Lots and lots…


…and lots of them.  Eight or ten thousand, maybe!  Very useful!  Very timely!

Very much not hers.

The packing slip has her name, all right, but no mail stop, no mention of Biology.  The vendor (which is one I have recently added to my list of corrupted companies) blithely addressed the box to “Human Female” with the internal place code unique to the University, Texas A&M, incomplete zip code.  How it was able to reach the stockroom without the stockroom’s building and room number, the human female will never know.  But I’ll know, and the look on her too-honest face when she realized that the lovely, lovely box of microfuge tubes wasn’t hers to keep for free and is going to have to go back is one I shall treasure in my heart forever.

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