Day: November 14, 2019

A Bag O’ Swag, Part I: Nothing Edible Yet

One of the sales representatives from one of the vendors the human female deals with stopped by today.  She used to work for a company that was swallowed up by They Had One Mission and Stumbled, but now she works for a smaller company that still wants to sell the human female the biodegradable nitrile gloves everyone wears around here.

They had a nice chat, and the sales rep left behind a bag of SWAG (Sure, We Are Greedy).  It’s a “cute” human ritual.  The vendor comes in with a bag that is clearly full of samples and goodies and says it’s “just a little something”, and the human female politely pretends not to be distracted by it, though it’s quite obvious she wants to rip into it and see if there is anything edible.

This Swag bag is greenwhich is auspicious. What do you suppose is in it, Sigyn?


I can sort of see through the plastic.  I think we are in for some riveting Product Literature.


There are some sample disposable pipettes.


Sigyn is looking to see if they are marked “To Deliver” or “To Contain.”  There’s a difference.


I can’t be bothered to know what that difference is, of course, but I understand there is one.

There’s a box of pipette tips in three different sizes–10 mool, 20 mool, and 200 mool.


What?  That’s not how “μl” is pronounced?

I was right, there’s a substantial catalog in the bag.


Sigyn is excited because she’s just found out that MasterMix now comes in red.


If you have to add the primers and the DNA, then what is actually in the Master Mix, hmm?

Look–their centrifuge tubes come in all sorts of colors!  The human female never has any colors other than blue or white.  Because she’s boring.


“Um, Sigyn?  Don’t look at this page, all right?”


I have my suspicions about where this Newborn Calf Serum and Fetal Calf Serum come from…


…and it’s not pretty.

>|: [