Even the Simplest Outings Are Fraught With Danger

Sigyn and I have taken a break from the continuous eating that goes on in the human female’s mother’s house and decided to get a little exercise by walking to the park and seeing if there’s anything fun to do there.

Odin’s eyepatch!  I’m very glad I have accompanied Sigyn, as already, before even reaching the park, we have encountered a vicious, snarling pit bull dog!  Well, all right, it was leashed and very friendly and Sigyn can charm almost any beast, but still!  It might have gone badly.

The human female used to play in this park decades ago, back when she was still young and nimble.  I believe the playground equipment has been changed since then.  The merry-go-round is gone–which is good, because the injury rates for small people flying off of those is horrendous.

There are still swings, however.  All sorts of things can go wrong with swings!  Fingers can get tangled in chains.  Jumping off can lead to crash landings.  Or, if you’re as clumsy as the human female, you can have one of the heavy rubber seats smack you in the nose, leading to blood everywhere.

No, it’s much safer just to sit.


Sigyn wants to try the slide.  I have my reservations, but I can deny my sweetie nothing.  One can ascend via ladder or by scaling this rock wall.


Sigyn insists on doing it herself and has refused my help.  I have one eye on her struggles and one eye on the rest of the park, scanning for further marauding canines or overzealous tots.

We have succeeded in reaching the top of the slide.  Are you sure you want to do this, my love?  It is a long way down!


Seriously.  And look at those scuff and stain marks?  Are you sure they’re all from shoes?


Here we go!  Wheeeeeee!



That certainly did not go as planned.  Are you all right, my love? Good thing mulch is soft.

Let us sit here on this bench and catch our breath a bit.


There isn’t much inherently unsafe about a bench–at least this time of year.  In the summer a metal bench can become a griddle in no time at all.

After a bit more walking around, we have decided to walk home.  Sigyn is using a bit of folklore magic to ensure the trip is completed safely.



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