More Eating!

As if there hasn’t been enough munching around here, the human female is about to create yet more food, in order to take it to yet another holiday gathering.

holiday lunch1

By the ingredients, I surmise that she is making a batch of her rice pilaf, which I will admit is rather good, and which she doesn’t know how to make for less than an army.

holiday lunch2

Hmm. Looks like she has an unopened jar of the chicken bouillon.

holiday lunch3

Which is why it’s so funny I convinced her she didn’t.  She had the human male pick up a jar.  Now she has enough to make pilaf for TWO armies.


Here’s a sampling of the goodies at the Departmental holiday lunch.

holiday lunch4

The ubiquitous turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Macaroni and cheese.  A pea salad (?!), some green salad, and some cranberry sauce.  And do I recognize the pilaf there in the middle.  Indeed I do.

And this is Sigyn’s favorite part of the meal.  There were soooo many desserts to choose from!  She does love her sugar.

holiday lunch5

A cinnamon cake with pecans, a teeeeeeny wedge of lemon tart, a wafer cookie with some sort of strawberry whippy stuff, one of Dr. W’s cutout Yule cookies (without which it isn’t Christmas), and a wrapped sweet which looks as if it might be marzipan, but which, upon inspection, is composed entirely of crushed peanuts and sugar.  (Not that Sigyn is complaining!)  I am going back to see if the brownies are still there.

Sigyn has an additional holiday Tradition of climbing the table decorations.

holiday lunch6

And, as we all know, Tradition must be obeyed.

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One comment

  1. I think the previously mentioned “smithereen” term applies to the slice of lemon tart!

    When I saw the bullion jar on its side, I wondered if you had somehow saved the circular interior sealing material and were going to paste it back down on an empty jar and attribute the mystery to Loki!

    I like the vertical format of e-mail and how it gives me the opportunity to guess what’s coming next before I scroll down!

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