A New Yule Tradition–Day One: A Place To Lay Our Heads

Longtime readers will recall that, in lieu of exchanging gifts, Sigyn and I often do something particularly fun for Yule. Typically, we sneak into one of the museums on campus and look at all the lovely glass. 

This year, we found the museum minus any exhibits–I think they must be changing things around.  Sigyn was crestfallen for a moment, until I suggested something completely different.  A Yule/New Year vacation!

So we have left the humans and the Terror Twins behind, and we have struck out on our own.  I have transported us to a lovely little village where we will sleep in and eat fun things and look at pretty scenery and not be bothered with the mortals at all.

chocolate vacation

Sigyn is very excited.  She can’t decide what she wants to do first–take a cruise on the canal, go for a bike ride, or poke about in shops.

First, though, we should secure lodgings.  I didn’t wish to book online, as I wanted to have a look first.  My love, let us take a stroll and see what our options are.

Sigyn thinks this rustic little cabin is “quaint.”


Dearest, I think we can do better than “quaint.”  Besides, those windows look a bit charred.  I suspect the snow is hiding some recent fire damage…

This place looks to be in better repair.  See?  That red-suited fellow is washing the windows and repointing the brickwork.


But it’s tiny, and who knows what else need fixing in there?

Oh, this looks like a well-kept establishment!


Smart paintwork and nice decorations, if a trifle overdone.  Looks like it’s composed of several adjoining town homes, like the hotel we stayed at in London.  Do you want to book a room now, my petal, or keep looking?

Sigyn wishes to keep looking.  She says she’ll know it when she sees it.  She wants something “cozy and unusual and festive.”  Very well, my love, onward!


She’s found it!


It’s perfect, dearest!  I shall magic up our luggage forthwith!

>|: [

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