Starting the New Year Off Right

Sometimes it seems as if the new year doesn’t start on January 1.  It takes a few days to hit one’s stride and really get going on the resolutions.

My main resolution this year is to cause more mischief.  Not necessarily big catastrophes, just more of the tiny, gritty annoyances that wear down the human female’s soul like raspy sandpaper on soft plaster.  Things that will make her fail in keeping her resolution not to swear so much.  (Granted, not many of the bad words come out of her mouth, exactly, but I can tell she’s thinking them!)

Today, I think I’ll start in the kitchen.   She has promised a house-guest waffles.  Waffles!  With real maple syrup!  She never makes waffles at home (only when an inn has a waffle maker), but today she’s going to do it!  She has the batter mixed, but let’s see what happens if I distract her from performing the next, crucial step of greasing the griddle…


Pancakes it is!

>|: [

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