Day: January 13, 2020

Things That Go “Sloorp”

Midgard, for all its faults and stoopid mortals, does have its good points.  Take, for instance, that awesome convenience, the microwave.  Now, I have magic, so I never have to worry about my food getting cold, or about making cold victuals into hot ones.  But the humans find it very handy for reheating leftovers.

The human female has learned, to her shame, that the plastic lids that go with her glass containers tend to warp in the microwave, or else suction to the container and end up all curvy-inside-out to the point that they will never seal properly again.

This is why the human male purchased some little lids made especially for reheating in the nuke-a-box.  And they work just fine.

Until I get my hands on them.

suctioned lid

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