‘Tis a Mystery

The humans like to cook, and I will be the first to admit that they have an enviable collection of herbs and spices.  It takes up whole double cupboard, and it’s positively crammed.  I never get tired of watching them rummage to find the basil (which I hide on a regular basis) or the little tin of hot Hungarian paprika which, despite its being bright red, is surprisingly easy to lose in there.  It is extra-amusing when things fall out during this fossicking process, which they often do.  Picking spice jars out of the dish drainer is a common occurrence, and fun even if they do not break.

Crash!  There goes something now!  Let us go investigate.

Ehehehe!  Looks like today it was the lavender sugar that decided to take a header out of the cupboard.  I remember when she made that last year.


Well, look here.  It is a breaky day after all!  The lid is cracked beyond help.  I did better than I thought, when I perched the jar so precariously.

In its tumble into ruin, it landed most ungently on the small slow-cooker that the human female uses to make her special, organic, super-lumpy oatmeal.  And woe is her!  It has broken a fair-sized piece out of the handle.


Out of the bottom of the handle.  I could tell you how I managed to make it happen, but where’s the fun in that?

All hail, Loki, god of Physics Do Not Apply to Me.

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