Day: February 4, 2020

More Than One Foot In The Grave

A few years ago, the human male and the human female were wandering through some market that specializes in odd goods from other realms.  She spotted some strange, many-legged creatures and was completely smitten.  She wheedled and begged until the human male purchased two of them, and she brought them home.

Sigyn adored them instantly.


There is a pink one and a purple one, and they live on the human female’s desk in her office.


I don’t think the rarefied air of academe suits them, though, or proximity to the human female’s constant blathering and personal odor, because they’ve fallen into a bit of a decline.

Their colors have dulled, their eyes stare vacantly, their skin looks dry, and their various appendages have begun to fall off.  I’d say they were simply molting, as many arthropods do, but molting doesn’t generally remove limbs and feelers.


Nope, pretty sure it’s fatal.  I’m going to remind the human female every day just what a terrible, terrible  pet owner she is..

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